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Despicable Me (2010)

PASSWORD FOR ZIP FILE IS : “” (Without Quotes)

Despicable Me (2010) | 23.976 Fps | 1 Hr 34 Min 36 Sec

2 Channels : 64 Kbps (AAC/42.2 Mb)
6 Channels : 128 Kbps (AAC/83.2 Mb)    |    224 Kbps (AC3/148 Mb)    |    448 Kbps (AC3/294 Mb)

NOTE : Perfect Sync With YIFY 720p, 1080p & 1080p(3D)

About Rock Stone

Am a movie geek, Yes ! Indeed I am, I Love to watch movie's especially Hollywood movie's and I love to share my experience and opinion of it with others. If I like something I get to the root of that thing, Be it a "REEL-LIFE" or "REAL-LIFE" Thing.

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  1. Gourik Chatterjee

    Dont Download It…. What should i do ???

    • Whats the issue ???

      • Gourik Chatterjee

        page is loading and i wait for an half an hour but page not open.. the page is stuck not open… i cant send you screen short… please check the link… and please help me as soon as possible..

        • Gourik Chatterjee

          sorry sorry very sorry… i have a extension for ad blocker so that the reason for page no response.. finally i fix the problem… thank you for a nice audio… keep it up bro.. i will appreciate you everytime

        • Send a screenshot of the page on which you are stuck or let me know the error you are facing or report it to report dead link section at website

          • Gourik Chatterjee

            No No Finally I Fix The Problem.. Its My Ad Blocker. I Use Ad Blocker So It Do not open the page. when i disable it then page working… and thank you for nice audio.. just wow.. keep it up admin i will appreciate every time for this great job.

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