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Terms And Conditions

While registering and using AHMHAO, You agree with the following terms and conditions.

  1. Memberships given at AHMHAO to users can/will be fortified/Expired/Cancelled on the sole disctrition of the admin of this website without any reason/s at any time.
  2. No refund will be given to users if for any reason the website gets closed for any reason whatsoever. The decision of AHMHAO will be last and final
  3. If any members found misusing his account like eg sharing it with other people etc or in any other way. His/her account will be converted to free membership and all his payment made for donation membership will be null and void and no refunds will be given. also his/her account can also get banned/deleted for violating our terms of service. Decision of AHMHAO will be last and final in case what is to be done with such violating account/s.
  4. Access to 1500 Free audios are given on  temporary basis, Slowly these audio’s will be added to donation membership. Till then its free.
  5. Membership charges can be increased/decreased at any point of time without any warning. In such cases already donated members accounts validity may be shortened/increased accordingly based on the new charges.
  6. We are not charging you for our services nor we are given any premium account. Its a donation membership, in the form of this membership we are just recovering the necessary amount required to run this website.