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Why we charge for audio’s ???

Well, this is the first question that would come into your mind when you come to know that we charge for audio’s.

Well to first correct you let me say WE DO NOT CHARGE for audio’s, Yes you heard it right !!! We DO NOT CHARGE you, What we charge you is infact for the money that is spent running this website.

Question. You might then ask every other website is giving movies and stuffs for free then why don’t I ?
Answer. Well, mine is a small website with not that much members that donate us regularly and frankly speaking I have no idea how they (other websites) run it for free, If you let me know those secrets then surely I will also make this website absolutly free. Until then we are stuck with these charges.

Question. You might ask, I wonder what are the charges for running the website that you charge for ?
Answer. Well below are the same

Web-Hosting : Rs.600 to Rs.1000 (Per Month)
File-Hosting :  Uptobox : Rs. 600 (Per Month For Now)
                              Userscloud : Rs. 600 (Per Month For Now)
Domain-Hosting : Rs.50/Month (Rs.700 Per Year)

Apart from the above there are other charges like SSL Certificate charge, Secured layer charge, DNS Charge, DDOS Attack charges etc which I havent activated yet but will surely activate once there are enough DONATION and PREMIUM members at our website.

Question. How much do you make in a month ?
Answer. Hardly enough to run this website.

Well, Apart from the above there are certain things that I never charge you for and I never Intend to, That is the amount of time i.e 12-13 hours that i spent daily to bring you the audio’s. Also I use the fastest internet connection at 2 Mb for which I pay Rs. 1500/Month. Forget the electricity charges I would incur by running my PC 12-13 Hours daily. And I won’t be wrong if i say I do have a personal life apart from just uploading audio’s. and the most Important thing is I DO ALL THIS ALL ALONE, Yes you heard It right. I do this all alone I don’t have any partner.

Question. You might now ask WHAT DO YOU DO ALONE, Uploading audio’s is not a big deal anyone can do that ?
Answer. Well, Below is the list

1. Uploading Audio’s
2. Replying to website comments
3. Managing facebook page.
4. Managing Youtube channel
5. Managing REQUEST AUDIO Section
6. Managing REPORT DEAD LINKS Section
7. Managing Website (Backend, Bugs and Fixes)
8. Managing WhatsApp Members
9. Plus hell lots of other stuffs which I don’t want to say more which I hope you would understand by now, If not then still no Issues.

Well, I hope I have answered every question of yours, If not please feel free to contact me.

Rock Stone
WhatsApp : +91-9022796693